David Medhurst is a Writer, Illustrator, Animator and Instructor who has been involved in many creative endeavours throughout his professional career. One of five children, David comes from a very creative background with both of his parents being musicians as well as one elder brother being an Examiner with the Royal Conservatory of Music and another a published poet and brilliant photographer. Residing in Ontario Canada, David and his wife of many years Rosa are parents to one son who expresses his own creative talents through music. Citing A.A. Milne and J.M. Barry as influences, it is not surprising that David manages to tap into his inner child and write and illustrate beautiful stories that appeal to everyone of any age.

Andy's Dandy Day

Andy's Dandy Day is a wonderful children's book about a young bunny who is faced with the challenge of finding something to do on a beautiful sunny day. Written and fully illustrated in vibrant watercolours by Author and Artist David Medhurst, Andy's Dandy Day is filled with fun and playful characters throughout, making it an enjoyable and heartwarming tale, written for the young and the young at heart.

Tommy's House

Tommy's House is a fun filled story about friendship, imagination and being young. Citing A.A. Milne and J.M.Barry as influences, the Author David Medhurst does a marvellous job of bringing smiles to the faces of his readers, both young and old, with his characters and beautiful illustrations.

Arthur The Sleepy Dog